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Welcome to Omega Aromatic Schnapps’ Event page.


Our success stories know no bound in the quest to keep Omega  Aromatic schnapps the King of  Schnapps. Omega Aromatic Schnapps has been adopted by kingdoms, Towns and different  ethnic groups across Nigeria as the Official prayer drink for various occasions and festivals.


Omega AROMATIC SCHNAPPS as a brand is committed to ensuring promotion of African cultures and values by giving continuous supports to major festivals and other cultural events in Nigeria.


Ofala Festival is the celebration of Igbo people mostly of Anambra extractions. This cultural festival is regarded as the most important surviving traditional ceremony. "Ofala is a summation of two Igbo words - OFO (Symbol of authority) and ALA (Land). Ofala festival is the celebration of the Igwe and his people for a successful Iwa Ji (New Yam Festival).


Literally, it is the authority that directs the traditional life of a community. It is worth nothing that the Ofala festival is celebrated solely for traditional rulers; and in some parts of Igbo-land. It is celebrated twice in the life time of a king usually a day after his coronation and after the death of the king, which is generally known as "The last Ofala".


The event is characterized with different age grade and chiefs dancing and paying homage to the king.

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